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Rosewood Survivors

The survivors listed below and their descendants were recipents of moniesfrom the 1994 Florida State Rosewood Claims Bill. Residents andtheir descendants who were evacuated or not in Rosewood on January 1923,also received some compensation from the claims bill.Currently their are five of the ten listed survivors alive,and estimated 400 descendants to date. There may be other survivors anddescendants that are yet not known to Rosewood Researchers.

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"I changed my name, I was afraid that the whites might track me down and kill me!"
Lonnie Jefferson Carroll (1914 - 1997)
The son of James and Emma Carrier, he changed his last name to Carroll after the Rosewood Massacre. At the time of the Rosewood hearings, he was in a nursing home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, where he died.

Mary Hall Daniels

"We faced overwhelming odds!"
Mary Hall Daniels (1920-)
The youngest child of Charles Bacchus and Mary Davis Hall's nine children, she was three years old when Rosewood was attacked. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lee Ruth Bradley Davis

"Father forgive them, they know not what they do, I must not be bitter!"
Lee Ruth Bradley Davis (1915 -1993)
One of the original two Rosewood bill claimants, along with Minnie Lee Mitchell Langley. Her parents were John Wesley and Virginia Carrier Bradley. She was seven years old at the time of the Rosewood attack. She died in 1993, as the second claims bill was taking shape. She lived in Miami, Florida.

Willie Evans

"They took my early education and everything that I should have had!"
Willie Evans (1907-)
Born in Sanford, Florida, near Orlando. His mother died when he was four years old and he moved to Rosewood to live with his grand parents, Ransom and Julie Edwards. He turned sixteen a week before the Rosewood attack. He now lives in Sanford, Florida.

Arnett Turner Goins

"The Moon was shining just as bright as it could be."
Arnett Turner Goins (1915-2002)
At the age of eight, he was one of the children in their grandmother?s, Sara Robinson Carrier, house when she was killed. He and other children hid in the cold woods during the Rosewood Massacre. He testifies at the Rosewood hearings in Tallahassee, February, 1994. He resided in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Wilson Hall

"God was all around us!"
Wilson Hall (1916 - 1998)
One of Mary and Charles Bacchus Hall?s nine children, he was seven years old at the time of the Rosewood Massacre. He testified at the Rosewood hearings in Tallahassee, February, 1994. He lived in Hilliard, Florida.

Dorothy Goins Hosey

"Rosewood was not or rarely discussed outside of the family!"
Dorothy Goins Hosey (1919 - 2005)
She was two years old at the time of the Rosewood Massacre. The daughter of Perry and Hattie Goins, she did not testify at the Rosewood hearings held in Tallahassee. She now lives in Tampa, Florida.

Margie Hall Johnson

"All of our people who died were innocent!"
Margie Hall Johnson (1909 -1998)
Her parents were Mary and Charles Bacchus Hall. She is Wilson Hall's and Mary Daniel?s sister. She had just turned fourteen years old at the time of the Rosewood

Minnie Lee Langley

"Rosewood was a great place to be a child."
Minnie Lee Langley(1914-1995)
Nine years old at the time of the attack, she live in Rosewood with her grandparents, James and Emma Carrier. She was one of the children inside Sara Carrier?s home when she was killed. Langley lived in Jacksonville, Florida, until her death in December, 1995.

Allenetta Robinson Mortin

"Hate destroyed my peaceful hometown!"
Allenetta Robinson ?Robie? Mortin (1915 -)
She was eight years old and raised in Rose wood by her grandmother, Polly Carter, and Uncle, Sam Carter. She was represented as a Rosewood bill claimant by Attorney Richard Ryles. She now lives in Riviera Beach, Florida.

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