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Quilt a Well-Used Remnant
Of the Early Years of Gospel

Old photos, concert posters, record covers, sheet music-those are thingsyou'd expect at a museum exhibit on gospel music.

But there is something unexpected, too, at an ongoing retrospective of "good news music" at the Billy Graham Museum in Wheaton: A quilt.

Made from pieces of discarded clothes and cotton seed sacks, the quilt is the largest piece in the exhibit "The Gospel Sound, 1940s-1960s."

The blanket, made in 1947 by Flora Stokes, served as a cover for a parade of traveling black singers who sought shelter at Stokes' home in Orangeburg. S.C. Barred from whites-only hotels, they sought a break from sleeping in their usual refuge - their cars.

Lodging in the home, known informally as "Stokes Hotel," sometimes meant the only thing between the singers and the floor was the quilt itself.

It was a tough life for gospel singers but also, as the exhibit - portrays it, a happy life. It was a period when, as the display's subtitle puts it, "Good News Music was Golden."

Examining the quilt, one reads the accompanying passage on life at the Stokes Hotel.
The Chicago Sun Times Newspaper
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Books on Quilts:
Signs and Symbols: African Images in African-American Quilts
by Maude Sothwell Wahlman

Maude Sothwell Wahlman's published research on African and African-American art includes six academic books, eight exhibition catalogs, and thirty articles since 1972. This is her first popular book. She has shared her work with popular audiences in more than sixty invited lectures around the United States, and is a consultant to Hollywood and television films.

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A Communion of the Spirits:
African-American Quilters, Preservers, and Their Stories
by Roland L. Freeman
A Communion of the Spirits represents the first national survey of African-American quiltmakers. It is also a personal record of how Roland L. Freeman's life has intertwined with the world of quiltmaking for almost sixty years--"as an African-American male; as a child who was deeply influenced by the cultural traditions and magical powers of quilts; and, for more than three decades, as a photographer and folklorist."

Shows and Exhibits of "The Gospel Sound" Display and Quilts
Location City & StateDate/YearQuilts
Matheson Historical CenterGainesville, FLOct-Dec 19942 quilts
Santa Fe Community College - President's Area Gainesville, FL Jan-Feb 19951 quilt
Santa Fe Community College - The Starke Campus Starke, FLMarch 19951 quilt
1st United Methodist ChurchGainesville, FLApril 19951 quilt
Fort White Middle SchoolFort White, FLMay 19951 quilt
The Rock Church SchoolGainesville, FLMay 19951 quilt
Florida Folklife FestivalWhite Springs, FLMay 14 - June 19951 quilt
Alachua County FairGainesville, FLOct 19951 quilt
The Billy Graham Archives and MuseumWheaton, IllDec 1995 - March 19961 quilt
Millhopper Branch of the Alachua County Public LibraryGainesville, FLApril 19961 quilt
The United Church of Hyde ParkChicago, IllApril 1996
1 week
1 quilt
Newberry Middle SchoolNewberry, FLMay 19961 quilt
Downtown Branch of the Alachua County Public LibraryGainesville, FLJune 19961 quilt
Micanopy Substance Abuse Center and Senior Citizens GroupMicanopy, FLJuly - August 19962 quilts
Downtown Branch of the Miami Public LibraryMiami, FLJan-March, 19971 quilt
African American MuseumDallas, TXMay-July 19975 quilts made in the early 1900's
Assemblies of God CollegeLakeland, FLOct 1997-Jan 19982 quilts
United Church of Hyde ParkChicago, ILLApril 19983 quilts 6 Dolls
Back to Africa: 1880-1920 Marcus Garvey MovementGainesville, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee, JacksonvilleJune 1998 December 20001 quilt made 1917
Rosewood North Central Florida Traveling ExhibitSt.Petersburg,
Daytona Beach
Tallahassee, Gainesville
Jan. 1999-
Feb. 2000
Several 1920 African American Dolls
Three prisons also hosted displays in 1996,1997, and 1998
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