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The Rosewood Forum:

A Citizens Organization

Since its establishment in March 1994, The Rosewood Forum has played a central role in documenting and sharing knowledge about the Rosewood Massacre, both through support, guidance and more importantly through many hours of pro bono personal and professional contributions provided for by forum members.

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The mission of the Forum is to establish a means of sharing information and promoting dialog in a structured format.

The research book entitled, The Rosewood Massacre At A Glance by the Rosewood Forum Synthesizes more than five years of ongoing documentation

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Sherry DuPree (352)395-5407
Barbara Kramer(352)395-5074

The Rosewood Heritage Foundation

In 1995, a group of family members of the homesteaders of Rosewood, Florida, decided to establish "The Rosewood Heritage Foundation" to provide a unique approach to educating against prejudice, racism, and stereotyping in our pluralistic society.

The mission of The Rosewood Heritage Foundation is: to provide information and services which will assist in shaping the future, to promote an understanding of diversity and encourage the practice of democratic and moral values, and to conduct research of the Rosewood Massacre and the history of race relations in Florida, through educational activites and materials.

Dr. Janie Bradley-Black,

Mrs. Stephanie Hall,

Ms Sherry DuPree,

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