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A Helpful Eating Program:
A sensible and lighthearted approach to a meat-free low-fat way of eating
by Micki Esselstyn

Several friends of mine who know that I don't eat meat or chicken asked me to help them learn how to think about, shop for and cook non-meat, low-fat meals. These friends also know that the meal I fix are tasty and that for years my husband and children have enjoyed the vegetarian fare I prepare.

Foods, as a source of great pleasure in life, should be fun to think about as well as to eat. This booklet is a light hearted approach to a healthful way of cooking and eating.


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Leaves of Green:
A Handbook of Herbal Remedies
by Maude E. Scott

Why this book???

Have you ever wondered how earlier civilizations survived without vitamin supplements, antacids, laxatives, pain killers, and a host of other over-the-counter medications? Well, first of all, they didn't have many of the illnesses and chronic diseases we have today. But when they did get sick, not having trained professionals, they used herbal remedies to treat everything from fevers to frostbite, from toothaches to tapeworms. It may surprise you to know that MANY OF THESE TREATMENTS ARE STILL RELEVANT TODAY.

With the rising cost of health care (I sometimes refer to it as sick care), and the growing interest in alternative forms of treatment, LEAVES OF GREEN provides a link to the past, help for the present, and prepares you for a healthier and happier future.

YES! ... LEAVES OF GREEN... "Don't go home without it."

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