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Federal Bureau of Investigation
Unclassified Reports on Churches and Church Leaders

Sherry Sherrod DuPree
Herbert C. DuPree

*Espionage Law*
*Racial Matters*
*Pictures of Leaders*
*Church Bombings*
*Church Histories*
*Types of FBI Documents*
*List of Field Offices*
*Subject and Geographical Index*
*Accessibility of previously restricted records!*

"This publication marks the beginning of an exciting and intellectually rewarding process leading to an understanding of the role of African American congregations and religious leaders in their attempt to make religious life meaningful. The need to examine the various means by which the government has attempted to forge an image of the religious life of African Americans is a timely exercise. EXPOSED!!! provides the reader with excerpts of the documentation found in FBI files for the years 1918 to 1971."

Wardell J. Payne, Ph.D., Research Director,
Howard University School of Divinity,
Research Center on Black Religious Bodies

"This compilation of secret government documents provides surprising new information on such little known but important American and African-American religious figures as Sufi Abdul Hamid and Joseph Samuel Croom. The book greatly facilitates the work of the historian of black religion."

Richard Newman,
Former Manager of Publications, The New York Public Library

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What You Always Wanted to Know About the Card Catalog but Were Afraid to Ask!What You Always Wanted to Know About The Card Catalog but Were Afraid to Ask!
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree

Outstanding Features of this New, Easy-To-Use Book:

  • Provides a pre-test
  • Easy to follow instructions and illustrations
  • Content is suitable for elementary, secondary and college level students
  • Easy to remove perforated pages
  • Modest Cost
  • Excellent sources for all catalog users
  • Fun and instructive
  • Designed for class or individualized instruction
  • 48 pages
  • Based on the Dewey Decimal System
  • Covers fiction, non-fiction and audio-visual material

A variety of activities and excercies to teach students library skills are presented in "What You Always Wanted to Know About The Card Catalog but Were Afraid to Ask," by Sherry Sherrod DuPree, educational media and library science specialist.

The booklet with its cartoon illustrations and tear-out pages, teaches Dewey Decimal concepts. Geared toward 4th through 12th grade students, it discusses topics such as call numbers and parts of a catalog card.

The 48-page booklet contains questions in each section and ends in a post test.

American Libraries

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African American Good News (Gospel) Music

African American Good News (Gospel) Music
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree
and Herbert C. DuPree

  • Albums
  • Pictures
  • Biographical Sketches
  • Research Strategies
  • Comprehensive Index
  • Over 85 Pictures Of Musicians
  • Music Facts At Your Fingertips

A Brief Overview of African America Gospel Music
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Displays For Schools

Displays For Schools:
An Avenue of Communication
by Sherry A. Sherrod


"Sherry A. Sherrod helps out teachers and library media specialists by giving them simplified procedures for producing easy display ideas. In three parts, the book covers planning displays, recognizing commemorative dates and weeks, and ideas for perking up media center and classroom bulletin boards. The suggested monthly topical displays are illustrated with from two to four drawings and/or photographs. A list of important dates and tips for effective display production and layouts is included."

-School Library Journal/

Sherry Sherrod has some good display ideas that are easily constructed with hints for planning, and examples of various possible subjects. Although designed for schools, children's librarians might find this helpful as well.
-Tips from Clip/July/A Canadian Library Publication

On display - Scenario: It's the first of the month, you need a bright new display, and you feel singularly uncreative. Solution: Pick up DISPLAYS FOR SCHOOLS, a 32p. booklet with photos, thematic ideas, and practical tips on putting together something bold.

-Wilson Library Bulletin

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A Helpful Eating Program
A Helpful Eating Program:
A sensible and lighthearted approach to a meat-free low-fat way of eating
Micki Esselstyn
Several friends of mine who know that I don't eat meat or chicken asked me to help them learn how to think about, shop for and cook non-meat, low-fat meals. These friends also know that the meal I fix are tasty and that for years my husband and children have enjoyed the vegetarian fare I prepare.

Foods, as a source of great pleasure in life, should be fun to think about as well as to eat. This booklet is a light hearted approach to a healthful way of cooking and eating.


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Leaves of Green
Leaves of Green

A Handbook of Herbal Remedies
by Maude E. Scott

Why this book???

Have you ever wondered how earlier civilizations survived without vitamin supplements, antacids, laxatives, pain killers, and a host of other over-the-counter medications? Well, first of all, they didn't have many of the illnesses and chronic diseases we have today. But when they did get sick, not having trained professionals, they used herbal remedies to treat everything from fevers to frostbite, from toothaches to tapeworms. It may surprise you to know that MANY OF THESE TREATMENTS ARE STILL RELEVANT TODAY.

With the rising cost of health care (I sometimes refer to it as sick care), and the growing interest in alternative forms of treatment, LEAVES OF GREEN provides a link to the past, help for the present, and prepares you for a healthier and happier future.

YES! ... LEAVES OF GREEN... "Don't go home without it."

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Write the Vision and Make it Plain
Write the Vision and Make it Plain

by Alexander Stewart and Shilene Stewart

Souvenir Journal of the William Lee Bonner Cultural Center & Educational Complex
Columbia, South Carolina
August 1996  
American Religion Image Library

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