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How to Become a Better Consumer:
Seven Steps in the Buying Process

by Katherine R. Berndes

How to Become a Better Consumer is unusually rich in creative and interesting activities that can help to develop more intelligent consumer habits and practices. Although it should be particularly useful in secondary school consumer education programs, it could be used by people in any age group. The author has not only provided a wealth of important information for the consumer, but has filled her book with challenging questions and exercises that should develop skills in research and in analytical thinking.

George G. Damson, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Economics,
Empire State College(State University of New York)

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How to Write Your Autobiography Writing and Organizational Skills
by Katherine Roberts Berndes

Finally there is a comprehensive guide to writing your autobiography, serving as both a reference text and as a general workbook. This author has excellent organizational skills. She uses easy to understand terminology and examples, with a particular focus on your personal needs.

An easy-to-follow and creatively arranged text. It is particularly "reader friendly," so that the lay person will find it a very useful aid in writing an autobiography. Adult educators should find this book especially appropriate for their writing programs.

Dr. B. Ray Holland, Dean Open University, Florida Atlantic University

Methodical, inventive approach to the perennial question posed by students of all ages. The materials offered here can help students and teachers alike both in and out of the classroom.

Clare N. Lowell, Curriculum Associate, Language Arts K-12, The East Williston School District Old Westbury, New York

An ideal tool. This source is appropriate for adult education classes in community schools. This is a easy-to-follow source that can be used independently or with only occasional guidance.

William Kendrick Hall Assistant Director Adult and Community Education Palm Beach County School District, Florida
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How to Write a Personal Narrative

by Katherine R. Berndes

How to Write a Personal Narrative provides creative, useful instruction in writing a personal narrative in a style as suitable for Junior High students as it is for adults. This workbook is based on a sound application of current research on the writing process. It provides practice in developing writing skills that can carry over into a variety of other writing tasks.

The author has written a workbook that can be used independently by a student, or by a group with teacher direction. Especially valuable to writers is the reference material included which makes this a teaching tool for beginners or a review for more capable writers of any age.
Dr. Gloria Kuchinskas
Language Arts Consultant
Adjunct, NOVA University
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My Life So Far

by Amil D. DuPree

Amil has the title of "editorial assistant" for the CIL News. It's not honorary -- he earned it. In the last several months the editor has worked with him, Amil has proven himself to be a wonderful volunteer and human being.

He has not only intelligence, but wisdom as well. He not only likes people, he cares about them. He not only has warmth, he radiates it.

Amil sops up information like a sponge, having learned sophisticated word processing and publishing programs in almost no time at all.

His dedication, intelligence, and unfailing good humor make him the kind of person staff and other volunteers love to work with -- and grateful to know.

Amil spoke at the "Autism Society of America" National Conference in Orlando, July 10th, 1997, and participated on a panel of young adults with autism.
Sam Marie Engle
Associate Director
Center for Independent Living
For more information on Autism click here.

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Busy Bookworm:
Good Conduct Book

by Herbert C DuPree

Hi! I'm Busy Bookworm! We're going to learn how good conduct builds your good character!

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Biographical Dictionary Of African American, Holiness - Pentecostals 1880-1990

by Sherry Sherrod DuPree

. . . The book includes a collection of more than 1,000 biographical sketches and approximately 300 interviews with Blacks and other personalities that have contributed to the Pentecostal Movement as well as references to local families and regional history.

Ohio Historical Society

DuPree's research took her on a geographical odyssey, covering 90,000 miles and 27 states. She learned that Pentecostal churches served as a network of information for Southern blacks migrating to the north in search of work during the Great Depression.

The Detroit News

This important volume will open many avenues for further investigation into the history of Black Holiness Pentecostals in the United States. DuPree has made a major contribution to Afro-American Religious History.

Randall K. Burkett, Ph.D.
Associate Director, W. E. B. DuBois
Institute for Afro-American Research
Harvard University

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Valuable Reference Material
African American
Holiness Pentecostal
An Annotated Bibliography

by Sherry Sherrod DuPree

Finally there is a comprehensive bibliographical guide to the Afro-American Pentecostal churches in the United States, serving as both a reference text and as a general introduction to this major religious movement. The author traces the evolution of holiness churches from their founding in the South in the 1880s, through the Azusa Street Revival in 1906, to the present day. Entries examine organizations, movements, terminology, and many individuals, with a particular focus on the gospel groups, singers, and musicians who rose out of the movement. Books, periodical articles, dissertations, theses, oral interviews, pamphlets, newspaper articles, Work Projects Administration reports, FBI reports, and church documents are cited. An index is included.

American Religion Image Library

Booknews, Inc. , June 1, 1996 A bibliographic guide to the Afro-American Pentecostal churches in the US. A historical overview traces the evolution of holiness churches from their founding in the South in the 1880s to the present day. Entries on subjects including origins of Pentecostalism; various branches of the movement; media coverage; and women leaders cite, with some annotations, material including books; newspaper and periodical articles; theses; oral interviews; WPA reports; FBI reports; and church documents, and describe the activities of particular congregations, with a focus on gospel musicians. Contains a glossary, a list of denominations, and addresses of sources. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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