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My Life So Far by Amil D. DuPree



How to Become a Better Consumer: Seven Steps in the Buying Process
by Katherine R. Berndes



Displays For Schools: An Avenue Of Communitcation
by Sherry A. Sherrod



African American Good News (Gospel) Music
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree and Herbert C. DuPree


A Healthful Eating Program
by Micki Esselstyn

Leaves of Green: A Handbook of Herbal Remedies
by Maude E. Scott



The Rosewood Massacre At A Glance
by The Rosewood Forum


How to Write a Personal Narrative
by Katherine R. Berndes

How to Write Your Autobiography: Writing and Organizational Skills
by Katherine Roberts Berndes


What You Always Wanted to Know About The Card Catalog but Were Afraid to Ask!
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree

Busy Book Worm: Good Conduct Book See Also Rhyming
by Herbert C. DuPree

African American Holiness Pentecostal Movement: An Annotated Bibliography
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree
Azusa Street Revival Newspapers
by William J Seymour, Edited by Dr. E. Myron Noble
Biographical Dictionary Of African American Holiness - Pentecostals 1880-1990
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree
EXPOSED !!! Federal Bureau of Investigation Unclassified Reports on Churches and Church Leaders
by Sherry Sherrod DuPree and Herbert C. DuPree

Historical Digest of Jefferson County West Virginia's African American Congregations 1859-1994
by Evelyn M.E. Taylor

Dr. Mattie McGlothen: A Virtuous Woman
by Emma J. Clark
The Man and His God
Bishop William L. Bonner
Mount Dora: The Rest of The Story, Plus!
by Dr. R. Eugene Burley
The Silent Spokesman Bishop Robert Clarence Lawson
by Alexander Stewart and Sherry Sherrod DuPree

Write the Vision and Make it Plain
by Alexander Stewart and Shilene Stewart



Rhymes and Times of Cleo-cat-tra
by Lucy T. Geringer, Illustrated by Bernardita Cox Kollock


A Communion of the Spirit: African American Quilters, Preservers and their Stories.
by Roland L. Freeman
Signs and Symbols: African American Quilts
by Maude Sothwell Wahlman



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